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As a rapidly expanding, highly motivated e-commerce team, we have grown from a garage start-up to a successful company thanks to the contributions of our dedicated team. If you are interested in joining us, please check out our current job openings. If you can't find a suitable position, we still encourage you to submit an unsolicited application and introduce yourself, we would love to hear from you.


Our working model

The recent years have brought about changes in the way we work, particularly with the advent of remote work. In 2020, we ensured that all our employees were equipped with necessary hardware to work efficiently from home. We also transitioned to holding meetings virtually via video conferencing.

To foster a sense of social connection among our team and to provide the opportunity for in-person interactions, we have adopted a hybrid working model that allows most of our employees to work remotely two days a week. This balance strikes a good balance between remote and in-person work.

Our warehouse, shipping, and returns team will continue to work on-site, and we have implemented strict hygiene protocols to protect their safety and well-being.

Our locations with their benefits

Our Recruiting process

Depending on the vacancy, the recruiting process may vary slightly. Typically, however, the following steps are involved:

  • First video interview
    Once your application is reviewed, you will be invited for an initial 30-minute interview with one of our recruiters. During the interview, we will be eager to get to know you as a person, understand what makes you unique and what you are looking to gain from your new role as a member of the Batterium team.
  • Second in-depth interview
    You will then have the opportunity to meet your potential new team leader. This interview is an opportunity for you to delve into all aspects and questions related to the position, and to have an in-depth discussion about the role's responsibilities. During this approximately 60-minute conversation, we invite you to showcase your talents and skills. Depending on the circumstances, the interview may be conducted in-person or remotely.
  • Final conversation
    Depending on the position, you may also have the opportunity to meet with our managing director. This is a chance for both of us to address any remaining questions or concerns before finalizing the recruitment process.
  • Your decision
    You have a good intuition about this opportunity? Take the time you need to make your decision, and trust your instincts.
  • Our decision for you
    Congratulations! If both the team and team leader are in agreement, our recruiter will extend a job offer to you. We are thrilled to welcome you as a new member of the Batterium team!
  • Onboarding
    Your team leader will provide guidance and support during your early days with us, ensuring that you receive all the necessary information and training to comfortably settle into your new role and integrate seamlessly within the team.

Job offers

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