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Welcome to batterium


Our business model

We are a young and dynamic e-commerce company that embraces the start-up spirit, and as such are proud to be a brand incubator.

Our portfolio includes ECTIVE, a leading D2C brand in the self-sufficient power supply industry, offering a wide range of products such as inverters, solar panels, and camper supply batteries.

In addition to providing direct sales to our customers, we also operate one of the most successful online shops for vehicle batteries in Germany.


Our philosophy for all of our brands is that quality products don't have to come at a high cost. Along with our own online shops, we also have a presence on reputable marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. We are also actively expanding internationally and currently have a presence in Austria and France through our shops and We invite you to explore our brands and let them inspire you.



Traditional Online Retail

Your specialist when it comes to vehicle batteries, chargers, and more.



D2C Brand

Find the right products for your mobile power supply. 

AWARDED top shop for the 9th

Our shop has received the prestigious TOP SHOP award from Computer Bild for the 9th consecutive time, as announced in the Spring 2022 issue.


"batterium, that's all of us, every day!"

Marko Pesic, Founder & Managing Director/CEO


What drives you?

Are you eager to share your unique perspectives and ideas? Do you thrive in environments that foster growth and new challenges? Are you a proponent of high flexibility and flat organizational structures? If so, welcome to Batterium! Let's work together to take our company to new heights.

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Our success story: growing from 3 to 90 batterians

It all began with three students, a malfunctioning car battery, and a bold idea. What started as a humble garage project in 2011 has now grown into a thriving company with over 80 employees, five office dogs, and various proprietary brands. But we're not content with all we have accomplished, there's still so much more to achieve.

"For me, Batterium is a modern company that creates a harmonious and productive work environment through flexible workspace and work schedule options. The importance of work-life balance is not only emphasized but actively practiced here. If you're looking for a company that offers promising growth opportunities in an exciting market while also fostering personal development, then Batterium is the right place for you."

Luca, Product Advisor

Here is where you can find us

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